Another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat


“Hmm, I need an occasion to make these Costco cannoli. Hey, I live in a place with great bakeries and lots of fresh pasta. I’ll just grab a loaf of Formica bread and a bag of salad and it’ll be a simple Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us.”


“Well, if everything else is simple I could dress up the salad a little.”

still later

“Well, dang, they sold out of bread. Eh, I can just bake my own.”

More Thanksgiving

Result: woke up earlier than I would have to start a turkey, to get the biga out of the fridge and make the dough for the first of THREE one-hour rises.

Good salad, though. Even if none of us agree on any salad toppings (including the carrots but if I don’t put them in the main salad nobody’ll bother to add them, including me) and so we used every small dish in the house. And yes, Pyrex measuring cup for the salad dressing because we’re classy like that.

The funny part is, the local groceries all give away turkeys so I’ve got a turkey thawing in the fridge and will probably make a traditional turkey-and-all-the-fixins dinner this weekend anyway. Because we like turkey. And fixins.

Except green-bean casserole. That stuff is nasty.