Last call for CSA goodies

Last call for veggies

We had some bonus “locals summer” days this week, though we didn’t make it down to the beach apart from the rocket launch(!) on Monday, but today the weather turned. Chilly, windy, a little rainy, and the last weekend for the CSA. My jalapeƱo out front has some optimistic little pea-sized peppers on it, but I don’t think they’ll get anywhere, and I need to pick the last couple green tomatoes and make some relish with these peppers and cabbage.

If you look closely, the cranberries say “blueberries” - that’s because our farm grows blueberries in the spring, and apparently does a swap with a cranberry farm so we get bonus berries at the end of the year. Also not pictured: the last of the spinach and lettuce.