Mas moss (and lichen and fungus)


It has dried out and cooled off a bit, with an almost-frost, so everything is getting ready for winter all of a sudden. The mosses and lichen are doing whatever weird things they do at the last minute. The pincushion moss has tiny little green threads that I assume are its flower-equivalents (look closely), and the sphagnum or whatever next to it is throwing up thicker, reddish shoots.

Cup lichen

The pale greenish cup lichen is making cups all over the place.

Spiky bits

I don’t know what these little things are - lichen or just tiny plants. They’re not sharp at all, despite appearances.

Tiny landscape

They make for a tiny prehistoric-looking landscape, with the lichen.

Tomato soup mushroom

I think this is a young bolete mushroom, but I’m not sure. If so, it’s edible, but I don’t plan to find out.

This is all just in our yard still. Taking the dog out is a tiny nature hike.