Mushrooms and mosses in our yard

Fly agaric mushroom

One of these days I’m going to hose down with tick repellent and venture into the woods, but in the meantime there’s a surprising variety of stuff just in our yard. This is the first variety of fly agaric I’ve seen in gold - we’ve had red ones around before.

Pincushion moss

This is pincushion moss, because what else are you gonna call it? (Tribbles hadn’t been invented yet.)

More pincushions

There is a lot of it (a lot of them?) around the edges of the woods.

Skinny mushrooms

If they aren’t poisonous, edible, or “active,” nobody seems interested in posting pictures of mushrooms so I haven’t identified these.

Sphagnum probably

I’m guessing this is a kind of sphagnum, but I’m not sure.

Fern moss

And I’m pretty sure this one is a kind of fern moss.