Scuse me while I complain about TV news

Visiting OC during Hermine

Use a “charitable” foundation to pay off a state AG and stop investigations, then run for President? Why not?

You won’t hear about it on TV but the Florida AG was looking into an investigation, asked for a donation, and was given $25,000 - from a foundation that claimed to the IRS it didn’t make political donations, and as a 501©(3) isn’t supposed to. The donation was “accidentally” recorded as going to a non-political charity in a different state. There’s no question it happened, either - the IRS fined them just a few days ago. Did you hear about it? ‘Course not.

Ditto the Texas AG, though at least that time the blatant bribe was a personal “donation.” Stopping that investigation cost $35K. Still way cheaper than a court case.

You won’t heard about it because TV news desperately needs a horse race for ratings and ad income. So they’ll keep trying to look for Clinton Foundation malfeasance (oh, were you thinking that’s what this was? NOPE), when there’s Trump Foundation malfeasance right there to be reported on. Because if they start reporting things like that, it quickly becomes obvious that one of the “horses” is a lame jackass, and ratings will dry up. Meanwhile the jackass brags about his bribery.

“I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them, and they are there for me.”

And now, back to family news:

The picture above is from our visit to Ocean City yesterday, after Hermine failed to visit. We felt sorry for all the Shore businesses who lost the vast majority of their Labor Day business, so we visited the barrier islands during a hurricane. We didn’t visit the beach (the ocean was closed - yes, that’s a thing) but I’ve seen pictures on Twitter: it’s not nearly as bad as they had feared, but the beach sand is carved away into cliffs 10’ high in spots. Definitely going to cut into the Second Season.