CSA Week... something

CSA and garden haul

I’ve lost track what week it is, and haven’t taken pictures of them lately, but here is what the CSA and garden are doing this week.

It was waaaaaay too hot to pick any flowers or herbs or tomatoes, so the CSA is a little short of what it could have been, but that’s okay. The carrots and weird-looking cuke are from my patch at the community garden - the CSA carrots came in last week. (Yes, I should have planned for a little less overlap.) The cucumber is the first of the Armenians, a critter that’s closer to the melon side of the cuke/melon family - it’s basically a melon that tastes like a cucumber when young. They’re super-prolific, but disease-prone, and I’ll probably end up pickling them (and giving some away, because it’s always fun to confuse people with weird cucumbers). The watermelon is a yellow-fleshed variety with super-thin skin - they’ve warned us to secure them for the ride home or they’ll splatter. They’re kind of neat, but almost disappointing that there’s no rind because I’ve always wanted to try pickling that too.