Sometimes taking vertical pictures is fully justified


The slicer is doing pretty well. Lots of big tomatoes, though none are starting to blush yet. There are three hyacinth beans in with it, which are blooming scarlet here and there. Doesn’t really go with the pink-and-purple theme I have going on in the other flowers, but that’s okay.

Tomato two

The Super Sweet 100 is still pretty scrawny, but it’s easily twice as tall as it was a week or so ago, despite having lost a foot off its top in one of our little windstorms. It’s also got clusters of little cherry tomatoes, also with no blush showing. There are a couple of pepper plants parked in with it, ready to go fill in where I take out cabbages in the raised garden bed. I’m thinking I should have planted beans in that pot too, and definitely some in the raised bed because everything there is showing signs of nutrient deficiency and some fixed nitrogen would be nice.