Some things have done better than others in the garden

Growing Pot

I harvested a big ol’ cabbage today (bierocks!) but the thing that’s done the best in the garden has been the pot…

… marigolds. At least visually. They’re a little bitter right now, probably due to the heat. At least they’re still pretty.

Sad Tomato

The tomato, though, I don’t know what to make of. I put the paste tomato in the community garden bed figuring that was the one I wanted to do best, and it would get full sun there. The slicer I’ll be the only one eating from, and a cherry tomato is a weed that doesn’t care where it grows, so those went in the pots at home in partial-to-full shade. The slicer has gone to town, the cherry has had some breakage incidents (it’s lost its crown and, yesterday, one of the major branches) and is doing adequately but not spectacularly, and the paste tomato… well. I suspect that the brand-new soil in the beds is not quite as wonderful as advertised and I’m going to have to do some supplemental feeding. It’s definitely too low on calcium - we had a lot of rain but the beds should drain well yet it went straight to blossom-end rot.

I’d say the habanero behind it was also doing poorly, but considering I accidentally weeded it and it somehow came back I guess I can’t complain. The chard has struggled a little in the heat but I’m getting that from the CSA too so we have plenty.